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Marty! Where's my cell phone?
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Friday, 01/08/16 10:10 am] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet This]

This artifact, a clay tablet claimed to be dated to the 13th Century, was recently found in the Fuschl am See archaeological dig in Salzburg, Austria:

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The artifact is curious for several reasons, first of which is that it so closely resembles a cell phone from 1998:

But the weirdness does not end there, because the symbols on the "buttons" of the "cell phone" are in the Sumerian writing style known as Cuneiform. Finding artifacts with Cuneiform writing on them are common in areas like Iran, but they are rare in Austria. And it's the first artifact ever uncovered that appeared to look like a cell phone.

So, why was this artifact with Cuneiform out of place in Austria? Does the uncovering of this strange artifact prove that people from our time have Time Travelled to the past? Or that ancient aliens visited our world long ago with similar technology?

Nokia could not be reached for comment, but we suspect that the Sumerian cell phone would no longer have active service.

Close encounters of the British kind
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Thursday, 12/10/09 8:23 am] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet This]

After more than 50 years in operation, the British military quietly shut down its UFO investigation service last week, saying it would save the government money.

Roy Lake, founder of the London UFO Studies group, said "I think it's a stupid thing to do because this could create a threat to national security. We take this quite seriously."

But a Defense Ministry spokesman said, "None of the thousands of UFO sightings reported over the years have ever provided substantiated proof of the existence of extraterrestrials," and stressed that closing down the UFO inquiry unit would not add to the security threats Britain faces.

From Britain's actual UFO files

I believe there is, however, another possible, logical explanation for this decision. The British government could be shutting down their UFO investigation at this time because they now know, conclusively, that extraterrestrials DO exist, so no further investigation is necessary.

This fits with the military's declaration that this new policy does not pose a security threat. They could only know that for sure if they are now in actual contact with the extraterrestrials, and are convinced the aliens are friendly.

Lake says, "I think the government knows damn well what's going on up there and they're covering it up." I think the UFO watchers are more correct than they know.

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