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Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime...
But sometimes, you just gotta give the guy the friggin' fish.

Ich bin ein Frankfurter
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Thursday, 07/19/18 11:17 am] [Full Blog] [Related Posts] [Tweet This]

I usually try to avoid beef and eat as healthy as I can, but yesterday was National Hot Dog Day, and you might say, I fell off the weiner wagon.

I started off the day by checking out my local 7-11 for lunch, fully intending to buy one hot dog, only to discover upon reaching the store that to celebrate National Hot Day, their 1/4 pound Big Bite hot dogs were only $1 each.

I got two.

Having already transgressed, I talked a friend of mine into joining my National Hot Dog Day celebration, meeting him for dinner at a Southern California tradition, the Original Tommy's.

Tommy's hot dogs cannot be beat, but the few times I treat myself to Tommy's, I can't resist their chili cheese fries.

My friend complained the chili makes the fries mushy, but I think that's the best part of the wonderful combination. Unlike normal fries you can eat with your fingers, these you have to use a fork.

All in all, best National Hot Dog Day ever.

Now, if we could only get to the bottom of why they sell hot dogs in packages of ten, but they sell hot dog buns in packages of eight.

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