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102 degrees in the valley and no air conditioning
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Sunday, 07/09/17 11:21 pm] [Full Blog] [Tweet This]

At about 6:53 p.m. this evening, an explosion at a power distribution plant in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles caused a major blackout that affected 140,000 people, including me.

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Firefighters said they could not pour water on the fire because it was burning in 60,000 gallons of mineral oil, which is used in the cooling process at the high voltage power facility. Before it got dark, the large plume of dark smoke from the fire could be seen from many miles away.

Power was back on for most of the Valley after about 3 hours, which is pretty impressive on the part of the LA DWP, when you see what it looked like at the scene of the explosion.

Now, pardon me, while I go and reset all my clocks.

(Image thanks to KABC TV, Los Angeles.)

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