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A site for sore eyes
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Monday, 05/12/14 4:11 pm] [Full Blog] [Tweet This]

Below is an unretouched image of an actual ad spotted recently out on the nets. (Click on the image to see it in actual context as it was captured from the web site.)

Click here to see a larger image

Do you see what I see?

When I first saw this ad for new eye glasses, it immediately struck me that the text at the top of the ad and the image of the glasses is slightly fuzzy and out of focus, unlike the rest of the ad, which is sharp and clear.

This is an ad, presumably, which is being directed at people with less than perfect eyesight. WIth the fuzzy image, are they trying to drum up more business by trying to convince people they need new glasses?

There's gotta be a more honest way of making a buck...

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