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That's why they invented 8-tracks
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It was announced today that going up for auction at the end of this month will be Paul McCartney's 1964 Aston Martin DB4 that he bought new in 1964. It was also mentioned that Paul's car included a Philips Auto-Mignon 45 rpm record player, fitting for a Beatle.

A record player in your car? Really? Yes, in fact, as early as 1956, Chrysler was offering a record player as an option on all Chrysler model cars.

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Called the Highway Hi-Fi, this record player was specially designed by CBS Laboratories as an accessory for Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto, Chrysler and Imperial cars. Playing through the car radio's speakers, the turntable was located in a shock-proof case mounted just below the center of the instrument panel.

It didn't play standard records, however. The special 16 2/3 rpm records made for Chrysler by Columbia Records gave up to 45 minutes of music and up to one full hour of speech per side. Records available at the time included classical selections like Tschaikovsky and Borodini, the complete score of the Broadway musical show Pajama Game, Walt Disney's Davey Crockett, mood music by Percy Faith and his orchestra and quiet jazz by Paul Weston and his orchestra.

A later version made for Chrysler by RCA in 1960 could play regular 45s.

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