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Warning: A DVD player is not necessarily a CD player
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Wednesday, 09/09/09 8:41 pm] [Full Blog] [Related Posts] [Tweet This]

Many moons ago, since DVD players can play audio CDs, I decided I no longer needed a stand-alone CD player. In 2002 I bought my second DVD player, replacing a Sony that worked well until it got warm.

This is my current DVD player, a Panasonic RV31. I know I need to get Blu-ray, I guess I'm just a slow adopter...

Anyroad, I had been assuming all these years that DVD players, and specifically this DVD player, was a fine CD player replacement. However, in the intervening years, my Mac has taken over most CD player functions, having long ago ripped my CDs to iTunes, so very rarely, if ever, did I feel the need to put on the ole' headphones and pop a CD in the DVD player and listen to it on my stereo (that's what they used to call them before they became known as "home entertainment systems"...)

Fast forward to today, and me being in proud receipt of the new Beatles Remasters box sets fresh from Amazon via the UPS truck. I plugged the headphones into the stereo system, popped the stereo Abbey Road remaster in the DVD player and sat back, awaiting to be blown away.

And I wasn't.

WTF? Why's everybody making such a big fuss? These didn't sound good to me at all. I randomly listened to some tracks off various albums, and they just didn't impress me.

About to call it a bad job, I put the Mini Documentary DVD in. Same stereo system, same headphones. AND THE MUSIC ON THE SOUNDTRACK ON THE DVD WAS GREAT! Hold on! This damn DVD player plays DVDs great, but it SUCKS at playing CDs!

So, right now, I am sitting in my home office, with the same headphones plugged into my iMac, listening the Abbey Road CD with the iTunes player.

And really enjoying it!

All I can say is, these are definitely worth the money! And I haven't even cut the seal on the Mono Box yet!

So, moral of the story is, if your CDs sound like carp, it may be the DVD player. Who knew?

(Not me, obviously...)

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