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Way too stupid to post
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Monday, 10/18/04 7:28 pm] [Full Blog] [Related Posts] [Tweet This]

A Wizard News reader emailed me an article today that was just too stupid for the Wizard News site. It's on a "satire" web site, but it's not even funny or clever:

Billionaire writer JK Rowling said yesterday she would kill the Harry Potter series off in her next movie because she was tired of writing children's novels.

Ms Rowling said she wanted to concentrate on serious literature and while Potter was alive she would remain linked to the character.

In the novel it would be revealed that Harry Potter was a victim of child abuse who turned to heroin and later suicided.

Not only is this stupid, it doesn't even make logical sense, in that two whole books have already been written which come after what occurs in "the next movie".

For your amusement, the whole stupid article can be read here.

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