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Remembering Richard Harris
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Friday, 10/01/04 8:01 am] [Full Blog] [Related Posts] [Tweet This]

I'm sitting here reflecting on how weird a month October has turned out to be in the history of Harry Potter.

Today is Richard Harris' birthday. He also passed away in October, two years ago on October 25th. Coincidentally, Michael Gambon's birthday is also during October, on the 19th.

In my opinion, everyone who has been cast so far for the first two Harry Potter movies has been great. I can't imagine anyone who could have been a better Professor McGonagall than Dame Maggie Smith, she is perfect as both stern teacher and caring head of Gryffindor House. And who can imagine another actor being as sweet a Hagrid as Robbie Coltrane?

But as good as those other actors are, Richard Harris was Dumbledore for me. He was as formidable as the most powerful wizard of the age should be, and at the same time could be like a father to Harry. Read Dumbledore's explanation at the end of Order of the Phoenix about how he cared about Harry all those years and possibly jeopardized the future of the wizard world to spare Harry's feelings as he was growing up, and then go back and watch Dumbledore and Harry's scenes together in the first two movies, and you can see it's all there. Richard Harris nailed it.

As all the Harry Potter casting so far has been perfect, I'm looking forward to Michael Gambon being a great Dumbledore. But for me, deep down, Dumbledore will always be Richard Harris. It's ironic, the exact thing that Richard didn't want to happen has happened. He will forever be remembered as Dumbledore. I hope, looking down from wherever he is right now, he can see just how incredibly much we all love him, and realize that maybe being remembered as Dumbledore isn't such a bad thing after all.

Happy Birthday, Professor Dumbledore. Hope you don't get too many socks.

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