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Where's Waldo?
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Monday, 11/23/15 12:16 pm] [Permalink] [Related Posts] [Tweet This]

Oh, wait. There he is.

Never mind.

Whoa, this is heavy!
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Wednesday, 10/21/15 4:30 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet This]

Today is Back to the Future day, the day Marty and Doc Brown went to in the future in the movie Back to the Future II.

Candlestick Park is now Yesterday
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Thursday, 09/24/15 9:30 am] [Permalink] [Tweet This]

The Beatles played their last live concert on August 29, 1966, at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California, the home of the baseball team the San Francisco Giants. About 25,000 fans paid between $4.50 and $6.50 for tickets, and The Beatles' fee was around $90,000.

Click here to see a larger image
The Beatles at Candlestick in 1966

The Beatles played just 11 songs in that final show. It lasted only 33 minutes.

Damaged in 1989 by the Loma Prieta earthquake, Candlestick Park stood strong. But constant buffeting by strong winds and sometimes bad fog because of its location off the San Francisco Bay caused the teams playing there to eventually want to move on.

Click here to see a larger image
Candlestick Demolition in progress, May 12, 2015

The Giants played their last game at Candlestick in September of 1999. The San Francisco 49ers played their last game at Candlestick at the end of the 2013 season. The stadium's final performance was put on by Paul McCartney in 2014, a nod to the Beatles' last concert.

Click here to see a larger image
Candlestick today

Now, 49 years after that historic Beatles show, Candlestick Park is no more. Demolition started earlier this year on February 4, and today, none of the original structure is left standing.

A development with a mall and housing is planned for the site.

The needs of the many
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Friday, 02/27/15 10:45 pm] [Permalink] [Related Posts] [Tweet This]

Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy. May your memory live long and prosper.

Uplifting random act of kindness
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Tuesday, 08/12/14 2:22 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet This]

I was out for my daily walk just now, which takes me past a major Los Angeles Metro Orange Line bus station, and saw this sitting all by itself on one of the bus benches:

Inside the bag were some canned goods and a few boxes of things like pasta.

On the heels just 24 hours ago of the tragic death of Robin Williams, it feels for me like this beautiful random act of kindness has lifted the black cloud hanging over Hollywood.

Thank you, to whoever did this wonderful thing. I wonder if you'll ever know you helped more than one person today.

A site for sore eyes
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Monday, 05/12/14 4:11 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet This]

Below is an unretouched image of an actual ad spotted recently out on the nets. (Click on the image to see it in actual context as it was captured from the web site.)

Click here to see a larger image

Do you see what I see?

When I first saw this ad for new eye glasses, it immediately struck me that the text at the top of the ad and the image of the glasses is slightly fuzzy and out of focus, unlike the rest of the ad, which is sharp and clear.

This is an ad, presumably, which is being directed at people with less than perfect eyesight. WIth the fuzzy image, are they trying to drum up more business by trying to convince people they need new glasses?

There's gotta be a more honest way of making a buck...

It's the thought that counts
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Friday, 02/14/14 11:04 am] [Permalink] [Tweet This]

A Valentine's Day greeting to weather forecasters from the florists that couldn't receive their shipments of flowers or were closed altogether on their biggest day of the year because of the epic snowstorm on the East Coast:

How to make a grown astronomer cry
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Tuesday, 12/10/13 5:28 pm] [Permalink] [Related Posts] [Tweet This]

Comet ISON, once optimistically called the comet of the century, has been officially pronounced dead, the victim of a way-too-close brush with the sun. It was barely a year old.

The comet, which excited astronomers and the media as it zipped within 730,000 miles of the sun on Thanksgiving Day, was declared as having bit the cosmic dust at a scientific conference today. Astronomers who had followed the ice ball mourned the loss of the sky show that had promised to dazzle the northern hemisphere during December.

Astronomers had hoped it would survive because while most comets do not make it past close approaches with the sun, some do survive the ordeal. But unlike comets that are "hardened" by several trips around the sun, it seems ISON just couldn't survive its maiden voyage.

As the comet neared its closest approach to the sun, astronomers said they felt a sense of loss. Naval Research Lab astronomer Karl Battams, who headed the observing campaign for the comet, called watching it in those final hours "a process of heartbreak."

Life imitates art
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Friday, 10/18/13 7:57 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet This]

I saw this on one of my daily walks around my neighborhood of Canoga Park last week.

Click here to see a larger image

George Harrison fans will understand why this caught my eye.

The lights went out ten years ago today
[Posted by Adam Forrest on Wednesday, 08/14/13 9:32 am] [Permalink] [Tweet This]

On August 14, 2003, the lights went out in much of the Northeastern and Midwestern United States and Southeastern Canada. Affecting 55 million people, it remains today the most widespread blackout in United States history (hurricane Sandy in October, 2012, in comparison, only left 8 million customers without power).

Click here to see a larger image

The blackout was primarily caused by a software bug in the alarm system at a control room of a power station in Ohio. What could have been a manageable local blackout quickly cascaded into failure of the electric grid across eight U.S. states and Ontario, Canada.

Some areas lost water pressure because pumps lacked power, causing potential contamination of the water supply, putting four million customers of the Detroit water system under a boil-water advisory for four days. Sewage spills into waterways required beach closures in Cleveland and New York.

Gridlock ensued as Amtrak's Northeast Corridor railroad service was stopped north of Philadelphia, and all trains running into and out of New York City were shut down. Airports were closed and gas stations could not operate without power.

Most of the affected areas did not get power back for two days.

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